Keep the cold out on those cooler months with one of our affordable and efficient heating options.

The most luxurious way to heat your home, underfloor heating evenly distributes heat throughout any space, with no air blowing at you. There’s no better feeling than walking through your house feeling the heat come right through your feet.

With many options for your underfloor heating, from air to water heat pump systems to gas boilers, wood and diesel boilers, we’ve got you covered. At Prestige Plumbing we are passionate about underfloor heating, so contact us today on 0800 773 313 to secure the best design for your needs.


Solar energy is the single most abundant form of renewable energy in the world. Solar heating is the process of taking the solar energy and converting it into usable energy for heating water. We have a wide range of systems on offer that we would love to discuss with you.


For comfortable, healthy, silent, and effective heating, install radiators today. Radiators are easy to retrofit into your old wooden floors or install in your new home build. Get in touch to discuss your design options today.


Pick a fire and leave the rest to us, it is that simple. Having trouble knowing what will suit your space and heat it efficiently? We can call in and give you some friendly advice.